Meet the team

ACP Promotions is a multilingual leader in video marketing. Our head office is based in Montreal, Canada - we have produced videos in English, French, Spanish and Romanian. Our video designs & animations are structured to deliver a complete video marketing funnel to your clients. We invest in softwear tools and team assets to ensure our video player technology is cutting edge and we remain video marketing leaders in today’s competitive market.

Ray Roth Production Guru

Ray Roth

Production Guru

Ray has produced audio-visual content that covers a gamut of genres and styles. Throughout his twenty five years of production experience Ray has worked on fiction films, documentaries, TV series and commercials, animation, experimental video, window video installation displays and more. These days he is focusing on On-Line Video Marketing.

Fred Ford Video Strategist

Fred Ford

Video Strategist

Fred has been doing On Line sales since 1997! His first web site was hosted at CAM.ORG the first web hosting non-profit co-op in Canada. Fred was an early adopter of web video undounted by the stamp sized video frame he managed to use extreme close ups with BIG fonts overlays to get his message across. In 2005 he jumped on the over 250 video sharing sites launching various video streaming technology and learned many tweaks and tricks along the way. His online video players knowledge has awed many connoisseurs..

Pana Pantazidis Shooter

Pana Pantazidis


Pana started his photo career in journalism, continued with movie distributors posters and actor gallery shots and is now doing video and photo shoots for TV series.